Pressed Steel Sectional Water Tanks

Structa Technology’s Prestanks are hygienically safe, cost effective and a reliable way to store water for commercial sectors, private sectors and even for personalized storage. Choose from temporary or permanent erection at mines, powerstations, building sites, hospitals, water affairs,municipalities, rural communities and agriculture. There is a wealth of water storage applications, for which Prestanks are an answer.

Prestanks pride themselves on supplying fully customizable, high quality water storage solutions to SABS specifications and meet South African Hot Dipped Galvanizing requirements.

In this way, pre-manufactured storage facilities having a capacity even in excess of 15 000 Cubic Meters, can be provided for a vast variety of applications, regardless of the location of the site. Reservoirs constructed from pressed steel sections are used extensively by the mining Industry and municipal authorities. Large storage tanks to this design which are
mounted on steel towers can also be seen at many of Eskoms power stations. Structa’s pressed steel sectional tanks are hot dip galvanized for corrosion control in accordance with the requirements of the SANS 121 (ISO 1461) galvanizing standard. The thickness of the hot dip galvanizing coat is applied within a range of 80 to 100µm. This is more than five times the thickness of zinc on pre-galvanized corrugated steel cylindrical tanks. The purpose is to ensure extended maintenance free life in situations where water with aggressively corrosive properties is required to be stored. Structa Technology Prestanks are water storage solutions of high standard and quality. For your customized quotation, contact us:


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